Govt of India Documentary on Jesus in Kashmir!

August 30, 2011 8:25 am 50 comments

It has tonnes of evidence put together in a very constructive way.

Day by day we are moving towards uncovering the mask of the false dogma of Christianity.

Read more about the Film at:

An interview with the Director:

The documentary suggests DNA testing as further research to advance the theory that Jesus is buried in Kashmir.  Perhaps it could be checked against DNA from the Shroud of Turin.  If the two match the conclusion will be inescapable that both belong to Jesus, may peace be on him, and he did not die on the cross!

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  • Elissa Holmes

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  • Robert


  • horklet

    Dude, everyone knows Jesus is buried in Mexico.

  • And Mexico is in India! Yes?

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  • And I have the power to do that!

  • Joseph A. Weiner


  • john edmondson

    i am thankful to be Catholic

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  • Flame_Master

    Shroud of Turin according to carbon dating does not point to the time of Christ Jesus
    source:Calculus: Early Transcendentals (9th Ed) (Anton, Bivens & Davis) Pg No574 Chapter 8 / Mathematical Modeling with Differential Equations

  • Hussain mohd Aziz

    Jesus didnt die on d cross….. He cm to Kashmir, India after crossfictn with hiz Mom and some flowrz and he die thr in age 120 yrs…… Itz provd

  • pradeep kumar


  • Ezeh David

    you people are crazy for

  • David Kobby

    I am really disappointed in this false commentaries.If Jesus Christ did not die on the Cross, then who is to fulfil the prophecies made by prophet Isaiah about the Messiah? Again should I believe in prophet Mohammed? If Jesus Christ can not be the Messiah,then should I also believe in a mortal man who got married to four women and the first been older than him 15years? Or do you people now have some one to be presented to us again? I can’t believe all this! Does Jesus Christ miracles believed and his resurrection not believe? If he was later found in India why not reported? How can you proof this through DNA test? I am totally shock that some people are able to tolerate this kind of cock stories. Mohammed got married to four women,engaged in a fight with many people and killed most of them(murderer),and yet people believe him than Jesus Christ. Is it not even ashamed to married some one who can be your mother? Please I know that all those still speaking against Jesus Christ are all antichrists. The Bible have I swallowed so hardly will I be deceive by antichrist. Jesus Christ made mention of all this in the Holy Bible before He was crucified so I greatly believe in Him. And what I will tell all my fellow believers is that keep hold to your faiths because the antichrist mentioned in the scripture are real..

  • mir khursheed

    Jesus will return before the day of judgement and Islam will be the only religion then. has not died, taken to the sky to come again and follow the path of Muhammad(pbuh) towards the Only Allah the most merciful.

  • You people must be crazy DNA my foot where on earth are you gona get Jesus DNA you gona use to match with his Tomb? Ara agbakwala unu

  • johnson john

    pls is ISLAM PEACE OR WAR?

  • wasi taylor

    In papua new guinea we have some kind of stories like this as well…which is true?

  • Prophet did not die on the cross.It was another person totally.If he died,how will he come back back before dome day happen.Think of the logic behind it.

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