The Qur’an: Decoding the secrets of the past

September 2, 2011 7:30 am 2 comments

The Quran: Decoding the secrets of the past (Documentary on the Quran)

A documentary on the Quran and its reference to past truths.



  • Elvis

    Thank you its so beautifull, gretings from Slovenia !!!! Elvis

  • kazim shah

    the cryptic code of the Quran is its simplism . A simplism so subtle that becomes very complicated to interpret.
    I have written a commentry on three
    verses of the chapter of Yasin. It took me 28 years to peek through their simplism My work will at least serve to remove the pangs of suspicions from the minds of millions and about the Devine nature of this book. I need help to turn it into a small documentry
    I do not need funds in cash only some one who can do this for moslems in particular and for mankind in general It is copy right with U.S. copy right office.

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